Wills, Probate, LPAs and Tax

Sympathetic, knowledgeable and strategic

If you do not have a Will in place your estate will be governed by the rules of intestacy
which could mean that your assets will not be passed onto the people you would
choose and your beneficiaries may end up paying more inheritance tax than necessary.

We provide a comprehensive service advising on all aspects of estate planning including:

  • advice on how to mitigate inheritance tax using both lifetime planning and Wills;
  • bespoke Will drafting, tailored to suit your personal circumstances to ensure that your
    Will is clear and tax efficient including advice on assets abroad and domicile issues;
  • a full probate service including assembling details of assets and liabilities, obtaining
    probate valuations, completion of all tax and probate forms, applications for Grants
    of Representation (including Probate), collection and distribution of assets and
    preparation of estate accounts; and
  • a complete service of appointing attorneys and registration with the Office of The
    Public Guardian, appointment of Deputies by the Court of Protection and going
    into care from hospital to care home.

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